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Saturday, February 21, 2009

2009-2010 Programming Schedule

Here is the current WKNH Pacifica Programming schedule. If there is a show you missed that you want to hear, just click on it and access the program's own website. Nine times out of ten, you can listen to the program online at your own convenience. You just won't hear our volunteer DJs or get announcements of local events. For that, you have to listen to WKNH 91.3 FM or listen to the station's live online broadcast! Contact us at


8:00: Democracy Now!
9:00: CounterSpin
9:30: Sea Change Radio
10:00: If You Love This Planet
11:00: Spirit in Action
5:00: Drug War News
5:30: Free Speech Radio News


8:00: Democracy Now!
9:00: Unwelcome Guest
11:00: Earth Beat
5:00: Making Contact
5:30: Free Speech Radio News


8:00: Democracy Now!
5:00: Sprouts
5:30: Free Speech Radio News


8:00: Democracy Now!
5:00: Sierra Club Radio
5:30: Free Speech Radio News


8:00: Democracy Now!
9:00: Uprising Radio
5:00: Talk Nation Radio
5:30: Free Speech Radio News

If you would like to hear other Pacifica shows on WKNH, please contact us about training to be a volunteer WKNH DJ and adding your desired show to the mix.

Friday, February 06, 2009

We Want To Hear From You If...

* You just want to tell us you're listening or to comment on a Pacifica show.
* You have suggestions about how we could better serve your needs as a listener.
* You want to be put on our email announcement list.
* You want to become a trained DJ for the WKNH Pacifica Programming Committee.
* You want to donate money to help us pay the Pacifica Radio Network annual affiliation fee of $1,400 as well as our advertising and promotional efforts.
* You want to help promote our shows to more and more citizens in the Monadnock region.
* Your local business or nonprofit wants to become an underwriter for WKNH's Pacifica programming.
* You want us to announce a community event on the air during the breaks between programs.
* You would like our help in creating a Public Service Announcement for your nonprofit that we can broadcast on air every week.

Please email us at We want to stay connected to our listeners. Community radio is a two-way street.